The Roulette Wheel Clock

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What is a Roulette Wheel Clock, Is It Legal & How Does It Work?


Many would say roulette is an unbeatable game, and even Albert Einstein claimed the only way to do it was to steal chips.

The reality is different, as there are certain strategies that you can apply to actually beat the game. One way you can do this is to use a technique called a clock wheel.

Once you master this technique, you will be able to detect different factors to determine the part (or even pocket) of the wheel where the ball will land. That way, you also have the opportunity to claim a lot of money.

But the problem is that wheel drive is illegal. That begs an important question: is that worth the risk?

How Does Roulette Wheel Clock Work?

Using wheel clocking takes into account several variables, such as the ball’s release point, its speed and wheels. Some claim all these factors can be held accountable to the naked eye (even trained).

The first thing you need to do is calculate the number of roulette made on average before the ball goes into the pocket.

You should remember that the wheel drive is not 100% accurate. However, you can make the right guess to make a profit, regardless of whether you are playing online or at a land casino.

There are two ways to implement wheel timing:

• by visually observing roulette wheels
• or with the help of electronic devices

The first type involves watching the wheel and recording results in your head. This also includes a “dealer’s signature”, at least up to a point. A merchant’s signature is a pattern that sellers are accustomed to repeating. Such actions are alleged to improve the efficiency of the wheel drive. But roulette games are too random to rely only on this factor, which can only produce short-term results.

Using hidden electronic devices is different, since this is the only reliable way to move the roulette wheel. The device calculates the speed of the ball and the acceleration and slowing of the wheel. Once all of these variables are processed, the device will determine the close landing point. It may not be 100% accurate, but the forecast can guarantee victory in the long run.

Betting using the information provided by this device can help you earn money. Overall, electronic devices are the only way to get reliable results of wheel drives.

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Is It Legal?

Since electronic devices can accurately move the wheels, it is forbidden to use them. Roulette computers are considered the same as sign cards, stealing chips or other deceptive methods.

Legal consequences from the use of electronic devices for roulette wheel drives prevent players from using them, although some are brave enough to try them. Some even manage to win and do not get caught, but do one wrong move, and you can be behind bars.

In certain jurisdictions, these devices are legitimate, but that doesn’t mean casinos will allow you to use them. Keep in mind that the casino is a personal property by its own rules.

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