The global live casino & live dealer game market has been on the rise over the past few years, growing at a staggering rate in some places.

Technology Behind Live Casino & Live Dealer Games

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Technology Behind Live Casino & Live Dealer Games

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The global live casino & live dealer game market has been on the rise over the past few years, growing at a staggering rate in some places. Major licensed markets are worth millions and billions of dollars, with more and more countries online to boost their economies.

Gambling online niche that has seen to be growing rapidly in recent years is the live casino sector. Both traditional currencies and cryptocurrencies payment methods are offered to players while enjoying live dealer and live casino games. We are witnessing that leading providers from live casino technology partner with online casinos to offer a range of new services to online gambling enthusiasts.

Live dealer casinos require significant investment from operators, especially when it comes to tech live casinos that are responsible for providing authentic casino experiences to players all over the world.

In this article, we will talk about the technology between live casinos and live dealer games.

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HD Camera

High-definition cameras play an important role in providing immersive play experiences to live casinos fans. There are at least three HD cameras on each table, recording action from different angles. That way, players can choose to look at the table at will and enjoy the game in the best way possible.

OCR Technology

One of the most important aspects of the operation that is being run in a live casino studio is to translate what happens at the table from physical games into a digital format. To complete the task, the live casino studio uses optical character charging (OCR) technology. It takes every game data and converts it into a format that matches the digital nature of the game. Every piece of information is included, from the winning numbers in roulette to the value of the cards in blackjack.

This technology works in real time, which represents a significant benefit to live casinos. This allows players to make decisions in the game as quickly as they do at brick gambling establishments.

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Game Control Unit

The game control unit (or GCU) is probably the most critical part of the live casino studio’s functionality. GCU is required to encode videos and broadcast them to players who enjoy the game from the comfort of their homes. They say size doesn’t matter, and that’s exactly how it is with this device. It is placed under the table, allowing the game to flow freely without any connection delays.

Schedule Monitor

Once the GCU is operating, players participating in the game will be monitored by dealers using table monitors to keep an eye on what decisions players make. For example, table monitors allow blackjack traders to see if players want to continue playing. It will also provide information on available bets. Table monitors are also used to feature live chat, functionality that traders and players freely use to engage in real-time.

Live chat

To make the whole experience feel more appealing, live casinos allow players to interact with each other using instant messaging. That way, they can chat with dealers during the game or interact with other players. You will find this function most live casinos, usually located in the lower right corner of the screen. Beginners can use this option to get help from traders and understand how game dynamics work.

Live casinos are true innovations that have completely changed the way people enjoy gambling. Instead of going to a brick casino, they can easily play their favorite games from their home whenever they like. At the same time, the experiences they can enjoy are just as exciting. Thanks to the live casino technology of studio use, players can witness the entire process of the game in real time, which not only provides more excitement but eliminates doubts regarding the fairness of the game.