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How Casinos Make Losses on the Roulette Schedule

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Did you know that players manage to cheat in casinos and get away from this act? Well, take a look at some of the ways that players and casinos use to change the rules in roulette.

Bachelor cheating in Roulette

Playing casino games means fun because you profit when you play with real money. However, with real money betting involved, casino players and operators tend to find ways to change their odds. Cheating in roulette started a long time ago, with some rogue players making large sums of money before being discovered. The use of technology in casinos has closed some of the existing weaknesses and brought new ways to cheat.

How Players Cheat at Roulette

Here are some proven methods of increasing the chances of winning on a Roulette wheel.

Hand Vision

In a fair game of roulette, the player is supposed to make a bet before the ball lands on the wheel. However, experienced have devised ways to distract the crew and make bets after the ball lands on the wheel. To avoid detection, cheating players often work as a team and only place outside bets.

Richard Marcus, a notorious con man, recruits hawkers in his army to defraud casinos. In his roulette scam dubbed “The Chip Cup Scam”, he would collaborate with peddlers to earn a hundred dollars of chips instead of five-dollar chips with the use of plastic tools.

Dizzying Roulette Wheel

Flirting with the roulette wheel is an old tricks used to rob unsuspecting players by casinos in the past. The scam consists of magnets placed in a strategic position under the roulette wheel. The seller can control the movement of the wheel by using controls that are hidden from view.

In another trick, casino operators use unique materials to make Roulette wheels used in their place. Softer material on some pockets or reducing the size of pockets that players like to stake reduces the likelihood of players winning money from casinos.

Roulette computer

Since most casinos digitize their operations, players can access modern roulette games on mobile phones or computers. Virtual games are based on random results, which some developers say are not very random. By studying thousands of results from different games, computer teachers admitted to discovering patterns on roulette games that players can use to increase their chances of victory. The problem with relying on such systems is that there is no way to prove the amount of data they consider to be able to predict results or results.

Stop Cheating at Roulette Casinos

Casino Management knows that weaknesses on the roulette wheel can cost millions of dollars. In that regard, they have found innovative ways to stop cheating. Everywhere physically, the roulette wheel is under 24-hour supervision. In addition, periodic checks are done to make sure everything around the roulette table is going as expected.

To protect players from being cheated by fake casinos, the license body checks how the games in the casino are prepared to ensure that players get a fair chance of winning in the game. Examples of such bodies are eCOGRA, iTech Labs, and Gaming Laboratories International (GLI).


Cheating in any casino game is illegal, and you may be prosecuted based on the gambling laws in your country. Moreover, casino blacklist players are involved in any case of malpractice. Avoid playing in unlicensed casinos to ensure that the games you play give you a chance to win. Remember to always verify the casino license before playing with real money.

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